Training For Eternity

1st Grade

First grade is a time of learning and growing. We use literature, language, spelling, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, geography, Bible and so much more to reach our expected milestones! Students will begin to read chapter books and enjoy quality literature read aloud. Students will be engulfed in literature through mysteries, poetry, folk tales, history, dramas and fantasy. Through reading, the students will be taught that the world is at their finger tips!

Mathematics will focus on understanding and achieving competence in addition and subtraction as well as grouping, fractions, telling time, coins, standards of measurement and problem solving. Students will learn strategies to solve real life problems that are related to math and they will discover that math is essential to the modern world.

Science is taught through monthly themes such as mammals, the human body, earth and space, etc. Science will communicate through hands on experiences, literature and writing to make a complete learning experience.

Social studies will visit subjects such as history of America and the United States, including our rights and freedoms as Americans, great people of the U.S. and the beautifully diverse places of our nation. Students also learn select areas of the world and travel many places around the world learning all about cultures, foods, children in other places and so much more!


Bible is a privilege that we get to share with our students. Students will hear many bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, with the themes of grace and love. We also join in many missions, enjoy daily prayer and worship and weekly chapels.

Writing begins at a basic level and works through grammar, spelling and flow using all academic subjects. Students will be encouraged to write using capitals, appropriate punctuation, and dictionaries for appropriate spelling. They will be expected to use the writing process: prewrite, draft, revise, edit and publish.

Melissa Edgar

Melissa Edgar

Email: Melissa Edgar

I received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 2004 from Pensacola Christian College where God called me to serve Him in children’s ministries. I have taught in South Carolina, New York, Virginia and now I am living my dream –teaching near the beach! I have four children and serve alongside my husband in our church’s children’s ministries too. I love shining Jesus’ light in these small hearts and minds. It is my passion to work with each child, partnering with their families to help them in any way that I can. I have discovered the more that children love school and enjoy what they are learning, the more they are engaged and the more they retain. I face each day with a new exciting lesson and adventure.


Cherith Calger

Cherith Calger

Email: Cherith Calger

It has been a privilege and joy for me to serve the Lord in Christian education. I started teaching in 2003 shortly after graduating with my B.A. in elementary education from Ambassador Baptist College. I met my husband while studying there. We have two boys, Micaiah and Benjamin. I truly appreciate the Christian focus of the curriculum we use here at Venice Christian. I also appreciate the academic excellence this curriculum affords. Each child is given the best tools for success with the desire to see them use their talents to serve the Lord. My daily prayer is one of thankfulness for the opportunity to serve the families here.

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