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The VCS Library has over 9,000 items available for lending, including almost 100 DVDs and more than 350 VHS recordings.  Students in Pre-K through 5th grade visit the library once a week during classtime for special programs and story hours.  The library is open to the middle school and high school students any time during the regular library hours for research and/or borrowing items.

The Accelerated Reading Program has been very successful in encouraging and exciting students to read outside the required textbooks.  Several students are already members of the Million Word Club. After students finish reading books from the AR List, they take a short quiz and earn points which can be redeemed for prizes at the AR Store.  VCS students have already read more than 20 million words!

Inna Olimpiyuk

Inna Olimpiyuk

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Hi, I am Inna Olimpiyuk. Growing up, you could always find me reading a book or two. World of books and reading fascinates me to this day! Desire to read, learn more never went away. When I moved to the US, books were my #1 source of how I learned this beautiful language. When the opportunity arose to join a VCS family as a Librarian back in 2019, I was beyond excited! I understand how important Library time and my position is in this school and I am so excited to help little minds to grow in their paths of life through reading more amazing books that we have available. Whether it will be choosing the right AR level book or their favorite series, I have to say story times are my favorite especially when you as a Librarian see how eagerly excited students are as they listen to a well written book.


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