Training For Eternity
Courtney Lewis Struble

Cortney Lewis Struble, VCS 8th grade class of 2001 – two generations of students

Cortney has so much appreciation for, and confidence in, her education and experience at Venice Christian School that she is now sending her own son to VCS.  Cortney explained that it’s hard to release your kids to someone else’s care, but knowing that she could take her son Mason (7yrs.) to VCS, “Gave my heart immense peace leaving him in the family environment that I remember, knowing he would be loved,” she said. “It’s really incredible to be able to send the kids to the same school I went to. My #1 priority is to know that Jesus is the center of the curriculum.” She plans to send 4 yr. old Ellie to VCS next year.

Cortney graduated 8th grade from VCS where she said the academic standards “more than prepared” her for high school and college. She established her core beliefs of faith while at VCS. Cortney was active on the school cheerleading team, and, made lifelong friends. This is her hope for Mason – that he’ll make lifelong friends too. She already sees how VCS teachers have taught him the love of learning from VPK through first grade, and he is creating great friendships.

Cortney’s experience at VCS is really what prompted her to become a middle school teacher knowing what a significant difference you can make in the lives of kids at that age.  After graduating from the Univ. of South Florida in 2009, Cortney taught 8th grade English at Student Leadership Academy in Venice and then High School US Government at Florida Virtual School.

Cortney said, “As wonderful as it was for me (VCS), it’s even greater to be able to watch my kids have the same experience and knowing Mason is in a loving environment.”

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