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Parent Teacher Fellowship

Welcome to VCS Parent Teacher Fellowship

Who are we?  We are a group of dedicated teachers, parents, grandparents and community members whose sole focus is supporting our staff, students and families.  We assist in the planning of upcoming events, fostering open communication between staff and parents, and creating an atmosphere where our staff can do their best work and our students can do their best.

Is there a charge for membership? No, every family enrolled at VCS is a member of the PTF, and your level of participation is up to you.  We don’t expect an enormous time commitment; an hour can be a huge benefit to our group.

How can you get involved? You can get involved by attending our meetings, registering your email with the PTF so you will receive updates regarding events that need volunteers, and checking with your child’s teacher.  Another avenue of information regarding volunteer opportunities is our weekly newsletter the “Lion’s Roar”.  This newsletter comes out every Friday and is another form of communication utilized here at VCS.

What are service hours? All VCS families are required each school year to complete a minimum 20 hours of volunteer service.  This can include PTF Meetings, driving for field trips, party planning & shopping, room mom activities, volunteering in the office or classroom, prayer time through our Spiritual Emphasis Team, volunteering during a school event and many other opportunities.

Where do I purchase uniforms?  New uniforms can be purchased at Children’s World Uniform Supply located at 4525 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota (941-955-6999).  Used uniforms are available for purchase at VCS during the Summer Sale held at VCS prior to the beginning of the new school year and then again mid-year at our winter Family Fellowship Information Meeting.  Used uniforms can sometimes be found at local clothing consignment stores.

What is a Family Fellowship Information Meeting?  Family Fellowship Information Meeting or FFI is a fun event held three times each school year.  VCS families and staff get together to enjoy pizza and dessert, student presentations and information from the VCS Board and Administration.  Flyers will come home with students for families to RSVP for the evening.

Fundraisers.  Information will be posted at school, listed in the weekly newsletter and an email will be sent out alerting families of any upcoming fundraisers.  Some of our ongoing fundraisers include Box Tops for Education and the sale of ice cream in the lunchroom to benefit the eighth grade graduation.  Victory Run is by far our most popular fundraiser and is held in the spring. 

What is Family Fun Fest?  Family Fun Fest is a school wide “Open House” Festival held every spring.  Each classroom hosts a game booth and we have bounce houses, food, music, school tours and fun!  We strive for 100% family participation during this event as it is our way of introducing new and prospective families to VCS.

What is a civvies pass?  This is a special pass to wear non-uniform or civilian clothing to school.  These can be earned for a variety of achievements and are quite popular!  Students must abide by the school dress code (see student handbook) when using their passes and are still required to dress out for P.E.  When “redeeming” a civvies pass, the student must check in at the front office and present their civvies pass to the office staff.

How should I prepare for my child’s lunch?  Students bring a sack lunch Monday through Friday.  Lunch boxes should include a nutritious meal, a beverage and eating utensils.  Hot foods should be kept in a thermos and cold foods will need an ice pack as there are no refrigerators or microwaves available for student use.  On Fridays, beginning in September, pizza is available by the slice on a pre-paid basis.  Students will still need to pack a beverage and any snack they may desire.  Assorted snack items are available in the lunchroom for purchase during lunchtime and aftercare.

Who can I contact for more information? The VCS Student Handbook contains a wealth of information and the front office staff members are a warm and friendly resource and can be reached at 941-496-4411.  For a parent contact, please feel free to contact the school office.

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