Training For Eternity
Tyler and Gabrielle Troyer

Tyler and Gabrielle Troyer met at VCS and fell in love. It was clearly a match made in heaven, and they were married Dec. 17, 2017.

Gabrielle graduated from VCS in 2011 and Tyler graduated 2012 – both went on to Southeastern University to continue in their Christian education. Tyler studied history/pre-law and Gabrielle studied Television Broadcast/Communication.

Tyler went on to study law at Stetson where he graduated with honors in 2019. He is now studying for the Florida bar exam and plans to pursue work as an attorney in Corporate Civil Litigation. Gabrielle is working as the Marketing Manager for an ecommerce company Asset Marketing Services with offices both in MN and FL.

Gabrielle & Tyler say that teachers take a personal interest in the students at VCS, not only providing the best education in the classroom, but also encouraging and supporting them outside of the classroom. “When Mrs. Foust found out that I had an interest in debate, she helped me to start the first VCS debate club that’s still running today. Mr. Foust even taught me how to change the brakes on my car. They set a great example and showed that they cared about me as a person,” said Tyler.

Gabrielle shared that it was impactful that the teachers at VCS partnered with parents and reinforced her family values. She also shared how much she appreciated the school leadership who had the students’ best interest at heart, and embodied the Christian example they were teaching. “Mr. Frimmel reinforced that we were there for a greater purpose. Yes, for successful academics, but to also know who you are and why you believe what you believe.”

Their experience at VCS helped to lay the foundation for their successful futures and enabled them to form lasting friendships. Tyler said, “We appreciated the sacrifices of the leadership (at VCS) to give us the best!”

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