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The Kindergarten program promotes a phonics based language arts curriculum, which will give students a solid foundation for independent reading. Workbooks are used to enhance writing with phonics including both manuscript and cursive writing, letters and sounds, and readiness skills. Students generally will begin reading group instruction by the second half of the school year.

Math skills begin with number recognition and


concepts, counting and writing to 100. Addition families follow, with the inclusion of readiness skills, such as months of the year, days of the week and opposites. The identification and counting of money, telling time, counting by 10’s, 5’s, 2’s and number words are also taught. Subtraction is introduced at the end of the year.

Our curriculum also includes science and social studies. In social studies, children begin learning about our own country and then travel the globe to study other countries of the world. Science helps to equip each child with an understanding of God’s creation. Units include weather, seasons, seeds, animals and oceans.

Marjorie Koch

K5 Teacher

Katie Dewitt

K5 Teacher

First Grade

First grade is a time of learning and growing. We use literature, language, spelling, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, geography, Bible and so much more to reach our expected milestones! Students will begin to read chapter books and enjoy quality literature read aloud.

Mathematics will focus on understanding and achieving competence in addition and subtraction as well as grouping, fractions, telling time, coins,


standards of measurement and problem solving. Students will learn strategies to solve real life problems that are related to math and they will discover that math is essential to the modern world.

Science is taught through monthly themes such as mammals, the human body, earth and space, etc. Science will communicate through hands on experiences, literature and writing to make a complete learning experience.

Social studies will visit subjects such as history of America and the United States, including our rights and freedoms as Americans, great people of the U.S. and the beautifully diverse places of our nation. Students also learn select areas of the world and travel many places around the world learning all about cultures, foods, children in other places and so much more!

Bible is a privilege that we get to share with our students. Students will hear many bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, with the themes of grace and love. We also join in many missions, enjoy daily prayer and worship and weekly chapels.

Writing begins at a basic level and works through grammar, spelling and flow using all academic subjects. Students will be encouraged to write using capitals, appropriate punctuation, and dictionaries for appropriate spelling. They will be expected to use the writing process: prewrite, draft, revise, edit and publish.


Shari Murphy

First Grade


Jenn Brower

First Grade

Second Grade

Second grade is a time for strengthening the language arts and reading skills. We have Reading and Language Arts every day. English concepts of capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech (noun, verb, and adjective) and dictionary skills are taught along with our Writing Workshop. We write in journals as well as write letters. Spelling is taught using word sound patterns as well as spelling rules. Cursive handwriting is practiced throughout the year.


Math skills begin with basic addition and subtraction facts to 13, and broaden so that by the end of the year carrying and borrowing are familiar procedures. Math concepts of multiplication and division, place value and graphing, are emphasized. Problem solving is also taught and practiced in all math concepts.


Through Science, the students broaden their awareness of plants, the earth, and their bodies, as well as many other topics. They learn through hands-on experiences, as well as through instruction. We also learn about Alexander Graham Bell, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin.


Our America, past, present and future, as well as the geography of our country is the focus of our History curriculum. Also, videos and worksheets on historic figures in our nation are used throughout the year. These include: Florence Nightingale, Joan of Arc, Pocahontas, William Bradford, Harriet Tubman, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the Wright brothers.


In Bible, the students learn how God wants us to have a servant’s heart through studying Biblical examples, practical application stories, as well as heroes of our faith.


Lynn Chandler

Second Grade


Daniela Gerdon

Second Grade

Third Grade

Third grade is a transition grade. Students begin the lifelong process of reading to learn, as opposed to learning to read.

Learning can be fun in a structured and loving environment. Subjects taught include: mathematics, language, spelling, Bible, American history and geography, health, science, reading, and cursive writing.


Special projects include: a Native American


project, book reports, animal notebook, president report, holiday crafts, and a science poster.


Becky Deifenbach

Third Grade


Gina Hite

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is a time for great spiritual, academic and physical growth. Bible class teaches Bible events and truths. Bible memory each week is also an important part of our Bible class. Patriotism is stressed through daily pledges to the American flag, Christian flag and Bible. Every day is opened in prayer. Students are taught math, spelling, penmanship, grammar, reading, social studies, and science or health every day. Good study habits are encouraged by teaching students


how to organize their time, write down assignments in an agenda, and by continual review for quizzes and tests.

Fourth graders learn about Florida history from a field trip to Cracker Country at the Florida State Fairgrounds, and by completing a notebook on Florida in the spring. Our math program is enhanced by an individualized program called Accelerated Math. Reading skills are reinforced through the Pizza Hut Book It Reading Contest and the Accelerated Reading program offered through our Venice Christian School library. Special classes are offered weekly in physical education, art, music, computer and Spanish. Chapel services are attended weekly.


Becky Battershell

Fourth Grade


Kelly Brophy

Fourth grade

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade, we emphasize the strengthening of our Christian character, increasing our responsibility in learning and in choice making, and developing our talents to help each student become who God wants them to be. Bible is a key subject. The students memorize passages and engage in daily lessons which emphasize decision making with the resulting consequences.

Our studies include a wide range of subjects


and skills. Math studies include multiplication with four digit multipliers, division with three digit divisors, standard and metric systems, converting measurements, ratios, proportions, and percents. Operations with fractions and decimals make up the largest portion of our math curriculum. Spelling with an emphasis on Greek and Latin roots, Literature, English grammar combined with research and writing, Old world history and geography, and, finally, science/health make up our busy days.

Fifth grade has a wide assortment of enrichment activities which enhance the curriculum. Class specials add much variety to our week. They include art, music, physical education, chapel, library, and computer. Some special projects include the ACSI spelling bee and math Olympics, and an in-depth research project on Christian heroes and missionaries. Field trips will be added throughout the year to bring more fun and learning to our themes.


Kristina Sokolov

Fifth Grade

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