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Character building is a key part of preschool at VCS. Students learn about being good friends, obedience, following directions and respecting authority. We learn to pick up after ourselves and others, and our Bible lessons point us to the One who builds character.

Academic learning includes counting, recognizing numbers, reciting the ABCs, recognizing letters and sounds, printing names, and some learning to read.


Students work on enhancing their fine motor skills through painting, coloring, cutting and gluing, learning to tie shoes, and using zippers, buttons, snaps and buckles to help encourage independence.

Student assessments on academics, behavioral levels, social and emotional levels, fine motor skills, and spiritual growth are done regularly, and we request that students are assessed twice a year by parents using the ASQ tool.

VCS Preschool is fully accredited with the Association of Christian School International (ACSI).

Erin Baumhardt

Preschool Director

Alexandra Cassick

PM Teacher

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Baumhardt Erin.jpg
Cassick Alexandra.jpg

Susan Bunton

AM/PM Teacher

Irina Tyutyunnik

Tyutyunnik Irina.jpg

Preschool Aide

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