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Middle and High School

The middle school here at Venice Christian School  provides a safe, caring environment for students to learn, grow, and discover about themselves and their relationship with Christ and others. Students are taught core subjects of English, Math, Science, History, and Bible, along with electives such as music, art, computers, and Spanish. Teachers work together to ensure that each day is challenging and engaging.

VCS High School engages the students and challenges them to be independent, responsible, and ready for the rigors and freedoms of college and adulthood. Course work gradually increases in philosophical and analytical thought processes, and helps the students to develop leadership skills as well as discipline and perserverance.

Madden Patrick.jpg

Patrick Madden



Randy Koach

HS Science/Math

Edgar Bryan.jpg

Bryan Edgar

Bible/MS Electives

Dolby Marcia.jpg

Marcia Dolby

MS Math/Science/History

Jones Tami.jpg

Tami Jones

MS Bible/Science/History

Korchuk Esther.jpg

Esther Korchuk

MS Electives

Lawson Lindsay.jpg

Lindsay Lawson

HS Bible

Schmunk Phil.jpg

Dr. Phil Schmunk


Ross Ann.jpg

Ann Ross


Hasselbring Margaret.jpg

Margaret Hasselbring


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