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Student Services

VCS is committed to the success of every student that God entrusts to us. Along that goal, we offer additional help to students with learning needs: our Student Services Department, facilitated by Anne Stuckey. 
The Student Services was created to provide support to students beyond the traditional classroom routine. Our staff partner with teachers and families with the goal of addressing the needs of all learners. We meet students where they are and create CARE Action Plans to help them reach their greatest potential.
The program offers many benefits, including:
-Diagnostic testing
-One to One intensive sessions
-After School Homework Help
-Academic Felowship Teams
-Intensive study labs
-Accelerated and extra curricular opportunities
-Contracted Services such as speech therapy, OT, and mental health services
-Professional Volunteer Mentoring
-Private tutoring
-Family Outreach Services

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Anne Stuckey

Student Services Director

Shonda Hill

Student Services

Tracy Ryan

Teachers Aide

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