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spanishaElementary Spanish

The Elementary Spanish program is designed and developed exclusively for our younger students. The more senses a child uses while learning, the more they retain, therefore it implements audible, visual, oral and written exercises in a fun and energetic atmosphere, all adjusted specifically for each child’s grade level. “Learning Spanish is FUN!” and Mrs. Gadomski is committed to sending that message to all her students. She believes that if our students are taught Spanish at an early age, it will give them the confidence needed to succeed in high school Spanish in the future.

Spanish I

The Spanish I curriculum is designed to equip the student with a good solid foundation of the language. In Spanish I, our students begin with the basics: Spanish alphabet, days of the week, colors, numbers, etc. During the year, the class then turns its focus onto a more advanced study of Spanish: masculine and feminine subjects and adjectives, pronouns, possessive adjectives, verb conjugations in the present tense, direct and indirect objects, etc. Spanish I will provide our students with a solid base of the Spanish language, which will prepare them for a strong entry into their 2nd year of Spanish.

Spanish II

With Spanish II our students delve deeper into their study of the tenses. The course introduces future tense, imperfect tense, past tense, preterit tense, the difference between translation and transliteration, sentence structure and language development. It is important to emphasize to our students how useful it is to be bi-lingual and that Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the U.S. As our students wrap up their final semester in Spanish II, their vocabulary is expanded and the curriculum becomes more focused on equipping our students into becoming competent speakers of the Spanish language.

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